Thursday, January 27, 2011

Super Mario All-Stars: Limited Edition Review

In 1993, Nintendo came out with an amazing collection of Mario's greatest adventures: Super Mario All-Stars. It contained fancy remakes of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario Bros. 3, and the not-released in America at the time, The Lost Levels, which was the Japanese Mario 2. Fast-foward 18 years: the NES Super Mario Bros. is celebrating its 25th Anniversary, and Nintendo decides to celebrate it: with re-releacing Super Mario All-Stars on the Wii, but with some added anniversary content. What comes out is reasonable at the most, but it could've been much, much better.

The game part of SMAS remains untouched, even the button prompts. It has now been modified to support the Wii Remote, which is pretty convienient. Everything is still as great as before (and The Lost Levels hasn't got any easier); but in turn, these have already been on the Virtual Console for years, abiet without their 16-bit polish. They play almost the same, so you'll probably save more money anyways if you buy the originals. I would've liked full-fledged remakes of these games with New Super Mario Bros.-style graphics, or at LEAST the Super Mario All-Stars+Super Mario World redo from the SNES.

Sadly, the game is probably the only highlight of the package. The included art "book" is only the size of an Instruction Manual, and not even the notes at the bottom of the pictures are translated. Sure, it is cool to see a picture of the whole Mario production crew with some cool notes about each game in the series, but it could've been much, much better. Just look at the Mega Man: Official Complete Works artbook. 200+ pages of art, beta drawings, fan art, and other cool stuff; plus, all the notes are translated. This really didn't take that long to make, I can tell.

The CD's even worse. You would expect fully-orchestrated remixes of classic Mario tunes, but no, it's all the originals. It's not even the best selection of music for Petey's sake; they used the TRAILER music for SMG2 instead of the actual in-game song! This is laziness beyond my belief.

Gameplay: Still as good as before, but you'll probably see nothing new here. 8.0
Graphics: Again, the same. 7.0
Audio: The game's audio still rocks, but the included CD is a total miss. 5.0
Overall: If I could summarize the whole package into one word, it would be this: lazy. Virtually nothing here is all that amusing, and you're better off buying the originals off VC anyways; mostly because they have Pause-states so you can put it down for awhile then pick right where you left off. Mario deserves better for his big birthday.

5 out of 10

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