Monday, May 3, 2010

PixelMan's Flash Game Early Demo Review

In 2010, PixelMan decided to make a Flash Game with elements of multiple games. So far it's not complete yet, but from what I've played it could be the real bee's knees.

You start as a lone ninja who wants to collect all of his power-ups and reach the Win Screen. The game controls like a great NES game: X to jump, and C in various directions to use different weapons. These power-ups are useful and intuitive.

The Graphics are very fluid and nice. Pix's a really good sprite artist. But I hope he can add music and varied difficulty settings.

Gameplay: Great. Fluid and fun. 9.0
Graphics: Great also. 9.0
Audio: Nonexistent as of now. Not Rated
Overall: Pix's game is very fun. I'm exited to see the final result.
9.0 out of 10