Tuesday, February 16, 2010

New Super Mario Bros. Wii Review

The past Super Mario Bros. Games have been great. But this game elevates absolutely everything and makes all the games before it inferior. New Super Mario Bros. Wii is the best game on the Wii, and the best Mario ever.

The plot of the game is normal Mario: the Princess has been captured by the Koopalings (returning after a 18-year hiatus), and you gotta save her. But once you enter the game, you know it's not your normal Mario adventure. First off, you can have up to four players on-screen at a time. It's not the mild distraction that was the New Super Mario Bros. DS' Versus mode, but the whole adventure can be played with multiple people. The ammount of people drastically changes how you play; playing by yourself allows you to show your true skills, two-player is very co-operative and probably the funnest mode in the game. The co-op mode is equal in greatness to classics like Contra and Final Fight. Playing with three players is when it starts to get hectic, and 4-player Mario is absoulute madness. One second, the person next to you is your friend. The next, he's trying to strangle you because you bounced on his head and he fell into the lava. But that's the fun of it. This game encourages hooliginery: Shells are plentiful, and it gives you limited power-ups, making players start to horde each one.

But the real reason you bought this game is because of the levels, and they do not dissapoint. The levels range from bouncing off giant catepillars, dodging giant Piranha plants, jumping across mushrooms to avoid Fuzzies, and (my personal favorite), riding a rollercoaster... OVER LAVA. The Power-ups are also fun and unique, too. The Propeller Suit has the feel of the Cape Feather in Super Mario World, and the Penguin Suits controls in water like the frog suit. Speaking of the frog suit, this game practically screams nostalgia; you have returns of classic enemies like the Rocky Wrench and the Koopalings to total remakes of older levels like the First Castle in World.

Hardcore gamers shouldn't expect this game to be as easy as the DS game; there are plentiful of challenging levels and obstacles. Nintendo is clearly aiming this game at the older and more experienced by adding skill videos that will blow your mind, and adding extra missions to players that can collect every last Star Coin. These bonus challenges are some of the most brutal levels in videogames.

Another thing about this game that'll make you never turn back to the older ones: The Spin Feature. Sure, using it on ground can spin some screws, and it's only moderatly useful, but in the air, it becomes an amazing lifesaver, even allowing you to cross almost impassable gaps. Also, the controls feel better that the DS game, and the visuals are stunning to look at.

I have some small complaints about this game, though. The underwater levels are still awful, but thankfully, there's only two in the game. Also, even though choosing two Toads as the third and fourth player is OK, but I would've liked to see Miis instead. (And am I the only person who thinks not including Online was a good idea?)

Overall, these are minor quibbles. Nearly every level has been played until it's perfect, and the game at whole is very satisfying.

Gameplay: Excellent. It's Mario at its best. 10.0
Graphics: Great. There's not a single hint of graphical glitches. 9.75
Audio: Excellent. Some of the best tunes in the series. 10.0
Overall: This is my new favorite game. Everything in this game sings, and you owe it to yourself to get this. So put on your favorite pair of pajamas, call over your friends, and prepare for the best your Wii can offer.
10 out of 10